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Hi, welcome to the Drop'n Up testing family

Keep everything in balance or things will fall — this is all you need to know to start playing Drop'n Up! Start with a quick tutorial created to give you a start with small steps, but later expect harder challenges, so don't get scared or frustrated when you get there. We are sure you can do it, just take your time, be smart and relax… As our mothers used to say: "it's just a game!" YOUR JOURNEY STARTS ON LEVEL MODE! • Levels that never end, play as long as you want • Rules are different at each level so you never get bored • Game sessions are quick so you can enjoy at any moment of the day without taking much of your time • Climb on the leaderboards and show your skills to the world! OR ... RELAX PLAYING ENDLESS MODE! • There are no rules in here — is just you, your tower and 3 lives <3 • Best mode to practice your skills • Challenge yourself to beat your highest score • Increase your rank, start as a beginner and see how far you can go THE ULTIMATE POWER On both modes you can use the power of REWINDING TIME! It will send everything back in time to the moment you've dropped the last block. It will unlock when you least expect and need it the most. Use it wisely as is your best weapon against bad drops! CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE Trust your skills and use the best strategies to complete the challenges seen on the main menu. Check under each block what you need to do to unlock skins with unique 3D visuals and beautiful sounds — that allied to the realistic physics will make your experience much more personalised and immersive! YOU ARE READY! Now you know everything you need to win challenge after challenge. Start playing today and see for yourself how satisfying dropping blocks can be! Thank you for playing Drop'n Up!

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